You can see the detail sales of your products through various formats:

  • By Dates, such as October 2012, September 2012, etc.
  • By Statuses, such as cancelled, completed, on hold, pending, refunded, etc.
  • By Customers, such as Miss Jolie, Mrs. Bastian, Mr. Carter, etc.

To see the Order Details you just click View.

Order Data

  • Order Details: Order Status and Customer’s name,
  • Order Total: Total and Payment Method.

Order Items

You can edit item and quantity.

Order Actions

  • Save Order : save/update the order
  • Restore Stock : restore stock for each item in the order; use after refunding or cancelling the entire order.
  • Reduce Stock : reduce stock for each item in the order; use after manually creating an order and manually marking an order as paid.
  • Email invoice : email the invoice order to the customer. Unpaid sales will include a payment link.

Order Notes

This note automatically shown by PayPal. You also can delete the notes.