wpdeals plugin

WPDeals: A Great FREE Plugin for You, Deals-Seeker

Full of spirit and shining day is welcoming this new day with new latest update from us. After a long hard and unstoppable working time spent, finally today officially we announce you the release of WPDeals.

Deals or also well known as group buying site is same as discount. In deals site, you can make, create, promote and share various kind of deals. WPDeals is a special-for-deals plugin. This special-for-deals plugin is the new way of e-commerce business you can try. By this deals plugin, you can easily share and promote various kind of deals, start from culinary, apps, gadget, tour, service, hotels, and even more.

More from WPDeals, you even can have this WordPress deals plugin in your hand for FREE because it can be downloaded in WordPress repository.

[button-red url=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-deals/” target=”_blank” position=”left”] Download WPdeals Plugin [/button-red]

A FREE Deals-Plugin

Like we said before, having WPDeals as your deals plugin is totally FREE. All you have to do is just download it and voila, you can make your own deals simply just now.

Big Deals : Awesome Themes Indeed

One more awesome things from WPDeals is that after having WPDeals as your deals plugin, you don’t have worrying about how you can make your site look great and amazing. Why? Because here WPDeals also will serve you by awesome themes indeed. Interactive, simple, and even gorgeous various themes for your deals site will be soon available in WPDeals.

Just pick one from your best preference, and buy it easily. 😉

Enjoy Its Features and Its Great Extensions

Full with features, WPDeals will not make you regret it as your deals plugin. Its features such as Payment Option, Design, Deal Management, Orders,  Deals Browsing, and more make WPDeals a complete truthful plugin to have.

WP Deals extension

Beside its features, here we also have great extensions to make your deals site much better again. Download Monitor, Deals Related, Deals Vote, Interactive Subscriber Lightbox, Deals Feed, until Deals Comment (customizable for Facebook or WP comment) are available to extent your plugin capabilities and services.

So, what to wait? Come and enjoy being part of this group buying site world by WPDeals. Create, promote and share your deals perfectly. 😉