Ikonik Lite WooCommerce Themes

Ikonik Lite WooCommerce Themes

iKonik WooCommerce Themes is the new version of iKonik free eCommerce Themes, designed to sell and promote your graphic design such as vectors, icons, logos, buttons, and other graphic stuffs.

2 Attractive slider options. Horizontal slider for New Products and vertical slider for Featured Products.

Custom shop pagination. Display your items based on Price, Alphabet, and Most Recent Products.

Check the demo, and run your online store on iKonik WooCommerce Themes.

Ikonik Lite WooCommerce Themes

What people said about Tokokoo?

Tokokoo one of the best recommendation for eCommerce online store, specially in WordPress eCommerce.

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The theme offers shop facilities

This theme works out of the box, and includes styling for our freely available eCommerce plugin. In other words, you have the option to offer shop facilities right from your WordPress powered website.


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