Online Stores with the Most Unique Concepts of e-Commerce

It is so fun to shop online. You don’t have to physically be on the store to browse the products. For certain products you might even get better deals. Best of all, you can find thousands of stores on the web. Some of them offer unique concept of e-commerce, really worth to try if you want to have a more enjoyable online shopping experience.

Woot: One Deal a Day


In Woot they sell only one product one day. It is offered with a low price until the next day (11:59 pm central time) or if it sells out.

If the product doesn’t sell out within 1-day offer, they replace it with another new product. But if it sells out, a new product will not appear until the next release time. On home page you’ll see, “SOLD OUT” instead of, “I want one.”

More interestingly, if you miss the previous day’s product, you can’t get another in stock. One deal, one day, and they are totally strict about it!

However, keep in mind that they, as you can see in the FAQ page, do not offer customer service for purchased products. If you are not satisfied with the product you purchased, they can’t help any further. All you can do is contacting the manufacturer, or resell it. A bit lame on this department. So be careful while you shop there.

SomethingStore: Mysterious Box Worth $10… Or Is It?


When you shop online, you see stuff you like or need, then you pay for the price before it’s delivered to your door. In SomethingStore the system is completely different. You have no idea what you buy until you unpack the package!

SomethingStore offers mysterious, random product for a flat $10 price. It might be anything worth round that number: a cool gadget, a rare book, a table game, a video game, a set of kitchen knives or… anything. It will most likely be a new item, but it might also be refurbished.

What if you pay for $10 and they send you… a maple leaf? Not likely. They guarantee that the product will have over $10 in value. Otherwise they will refund the difference. So if you have $10 to spend and no idea what to buy, try SomethingStore. It might be fun!

Restaurant: Enjoy the Meal, Save More Money


Living in the USA? Great. You are so lucky for the opportunity to buy a $25 restaurant gift certificate for only $10.

Yes, that is exactly what Restaurant offers. Which is a good thing for you. Paying the bill at a restaurant with the gift certificate means you save $15 for each visit, doesn’t it?

The site has grown quite big it now provides gift certificates for more than 15,000 restaurants nationwide, which you can easily browse using its advanced search. What are you waiting for? Save your finance by saving more while enjoying your meal.

Etsy: Everything Handmade


Etsy is a handmade marketplace. Everyone can sell and buy everything handmade. Yeah, kinda eBay, only here everything is crafted by hands.

You, too, can order custom products. Just post your wish list on the Alchemy section, the creative craftspeople will bid on your post. After you select the one you wish to work with, he or she will create your products.

Threadless: Be Creative, Be Rich!


If you have a kickass tee design idea, join Threadless. It offers you a unique opportunity to have your design printed on tees for sale.

Every submitted design will be reviewed by the community in 7 days. Their scores and comments will be calculated and affect the final judgment, whether your design will be printed on tees (to be sold) or not.

Tokokoo: FREE Version of WordPress e-Commerce Theme


Sssttt, did you know that we have built Tokokoo with a unique concept of e-commerce? We offer you FREE WordPress e-commerce themes. Every theme we design is released in both FREE and PREMIUM versions. If you start an online store and wants to feel the first grip of e-commerce, we recommend you to try the free version. You can use it to build and launch your very own online store fast and easily. When it grows you can purchase the premium version of the theme for more powerful features.