Learn to Improve Your Online Store

You have deployed your online store. Now you need to generate sales. There are many things to learn, from optimizing your site usability to persuading visitors to actually buy from your store to promoting your business offline. Here are great articles written by online marketing experts, read them all to get a better understanding on how to run and improve your online store.

Filter & sort: Improving e-Commerce Product Findability

When your online store has grown bigger, you’ll display more and more products. However, you gotta make sure your customers can find those products as easily as before. Hence the importance of listing and sorting them.

Engage Customers in Your Business

After building and opening your online store, next thing to do is generating sales. Here’s a nice article on how to engage your customers better using ratings and reviews.

5 Ways Negative Reviews are Good for Business

Positive reviews are good thing, but sometimes your products might get negative reviews. By understanding an insight about negative reviews explained in this article, you can handle negative reviews upon your products and change them to positive turn for your brand.

Ratings and Reviews Engage Your Visitors

This article describes the benefits of incorporating ratings and reviews on your online store.

Can Product Recommendations Help You?

A product recommendation network (PRN) is a site where buyers give feedback on which products they’re happy with and why. You can check if similar products to the ones you sell in your online store are in high demand. Although this article mentions only one PRN, at least it gives you a hint of what PRN is.

Giving Them What They Want

Here are practical tips on how to run an online store better.

Improving Product Descriptions Using Competitor Customer Reviews

A great online store offers excellent product page copy. Here’s an article showing you how to create unique, compelling product page copy using customer review content, even when your site has few or no review at all.

Why Do People Write Reviews?

Understanding why your customers write review after purchasing your products might give you an insight to improve your selling point.

Do You Trust User Reviews on the Web?

This poll interestingly reveals that many people trust user reviews on the web, but they do hope for no fake reviews.

Fake User Reviews Can Hurt Your Brand

Although you can always allow fake reviews about your products on your online store, this article reminds you how it might hurt your brand.

User Generated Content: Product Ratings & Reviews

Here you’ll find several user review sites, with content generated by users. Some sites might covers all commercial products, while others have specific-product content.

How to Make the Most out of Your Website in Recession

Despite the recession, your online store can still thrive with increased sales and profits. Here is how to make the most out of it.

Search & Advanced Search User Experience Requirements

This long article will give you a hint about the fundamentals of search and how the feature can optimize user experience. A must read for every online store owner.

e-Commerce on the Go: Selling through the Mobile

Many people are more mobile these days. Including you. That’s why you need to keep your online store running even when you can’t be behind your desk. Learn how to run it on the go.

5 Ways to Improve Online Cross & Up Selling

Cross-selling is an important tool to generate more sales. You need to enable this feature, but let’s take a look at how it truly matters.

Online Persuasion: 7 Ways to Persuade People to Buy

However good your stuff is, they won’t do any good to you if you can’t sell them. Here are 7 ways to persuade people to actually buy from your online store.

Converting Visitors to Buyers

Yes, you do need visitors, lots of them, coming to your online store. But there is a more important goal you should keep in mind: make them buy.

e-Commerce Imagery: Persuading with Pictures

The power of images in making sales is HUGE. Read this article to get a better understanding on why your online store should be designed properly.

Ten Ways to Improve the Usability of Your e-Commerce Site

Many failed sales happen because buyers abandon the baskets. Although they need/want the stuff, they might be confused at checkout. Make sure your online store comes with optimum usability.

Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Offline

Your online store is located in cyber space. But in fact, your buyers are people in real life. At some point you need to promote your online business offline as well.

How to Increase Web Traffic through Search Engines

To get buyers you need visitors. To get visitors you need to increase the traffic to your online store. To do it you need to create a solid, friendly relationship with the search engines.

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