Beautifully Designed, WP-e-Commerce Powered Online Stores

Using Getshopped‘s WP-e-Commerce, the shopping cart we use in our WordPress e-commerce themes, your online store should be easier to run. It can be lovely, too, if you know how to put things right.

Here are online stores powered by WordPress and WP-e-Commerce, all with beautiful, striking look.


IconDock sells icons individually or a complete set. It has a unique interactive cart; you can drag icons you purchase and drop them there.

Molletta Design

Molletta Design is an online store where bike lovers go to get their hand-made goodies. Another interactive cart you’ll find here.


BoutikBoutik sells apparel for men and women. It arranges its products in several categories so you can choose items based on sizes, colors, prices or brands.


CitySurf sells equipments and clothing for surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders. Having a wide range of products, its home page displays feature products interestingly. And it has a groovy background image indeed.

Richardet Design

Richardet Design is design studio in Switzerland.


NorthlandSki is where you can rent and buy ski equipments, including workshop tools to produce ski equipments. Oh, you can book them online.

Paper Whistle

Paper Whistle sells artwork. Its blog is filled with interesting articles about art and design.

Lightstalkers Scotland

Lightstalkers Scotland is where you can find guided photography workshops and tours in the Scottish Highlands. It has a really nice magazine look on home page.

Natural Mystique

Green and fabulous are Natural Mystique’s middle name. The store sells handcrafted handbags using organic materials as agave, bamboo, bulrush, cotton, hemp, jute, palm leaf, seagrass and water hyacinth.


Fabrics sells… well, fabrics. It uses a customized version of Crafty Cart and WPEC Gold Shopping Cart.

Comptoir des Savonniers

Comptoir des Savonniers sells soaps. Really beautiful ones.

Scrap for a Cure

Scrap for a Cure is a scrapbook kit club. You can either join the club or purchase their monthly released kits. 5% of proceeds go is donated to charities.

Champagne Warehouse

A great yellow and black combination gives Champagne Warehouse, a store selling champagne online, a striking display.

Power of Nature

Only God knows what these products they’re selling, but Power of Nature indeed has a persuasive products display.

Nut Just a Cookie

Nut Jut a Cookie delivers delicious, healthy cookies. Grab yours!

212 Area Code

It sells the prestigious New York City 212 Area Code phone numbers. Nuff said.

Woodnt It be Lovely

Woodnt It be Lovely if you just visit this lovely online store selling wooden toys and bespoke toy boxes and nursery furniture?

Harbour Interiors

Harbour Interiors delivers interior design service for homes and hotels. Home accessories and interior furnishings included.

EBC (Electrical Business Center)

EBC is a most respected low voltage electrical apparatus distributor, and this is their online catalog. It features a really cool feature products display which, unfortunately, can’t be described via screenshot. Check it out yourself.


Spinkie sells hand-made baby products designed by designer moms around the world.


BrasaFire is a new line of portable ventless fireplaces from Brasa.

There are many things to consider while running an online store. But design is definitely one you should not leave behind. It can either attract your visitors to browse your products, or push them to leave instantly. If you find it hard to design your online store on your own, check out our WordPress e-commerce themes.

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