• http://www.couponcry.com kiran.chikkala

    Nice Theme, Thank you for share this theme.

  • http://blackstudio.com.au Murray

    We’re big fans of Woocommerce and love the development but my only gripe is that the ready to go themes are so boring and one dimensional. So many of them only render for IE8+, which is a bit of a pain. I think that once designers and developers start building woocommerce themes that can be applied to larger scale shops the industry will gravitate to the project more.

    Already the plugin development is awesome! It would seem that there’s new goodies daily. But the themes side of things needs a kick in the butt :)

    • http://blackstudio.com.au Murray

      In addition, I have to say that I love what you guys have done with the designs :) nice work!