Released : Duo WooCommerce Themes, Dapur Kue and Arpegio

Now we officially announce you the awaited news from Tokokoo! :D

Remember Tokokoo welcoming WooCommerce? Or… the awaited yet first WooCommerce themes from Tokokoo?

Firstly, we thought that we’ll only could finish our one and only first WooCommerce themes, Dapur Kue. But in the end, surprisingly, we finally get a sweet-shock from our hard-working time, and we absolutely want to share it with you all! So, finally it is not only 1 themes anyway. Yet, it is 2 themes! Yes, 2 different WooCommerce themes together got done! Both at once! What a hard-work with full of bless. ;)

So, please welcome, the firstly Duo WooCommerce Themes from Tokokoo :

Dapur Kue WooCommerce Themes for online culinary store

DapurKue WooCommerce themes for Culinary

[button-yellow url="" target="_self" position="left"] DapurKue Detail [/button-yellow] [button-blue url="" target="_blank" position="left"] DapurKue Demo [/button-blue]

Arpegio WooCommerce Themes for online music store

Arpegio WooCommerce themes for music online store

[button-yellow url="" target="_self" position="left"] Arpegio Detail [/button-yellow] [button-blue url="" target="_blank" position="left"] Arpegio Demo [/button-blue]

Dapur Kue WooCommerce Themes is our special themes for your culinary online store. Sweet, yummy and delicious to have. Its pink-almost-peach color of design, just like a color of sweet candy, definitely will invite your visitors and customers to come and taste your culinary products. Big, focus and attractive image slide also will make your site unresistable for your customers. And, more widgets are available to explore your site become a great site to browse.

Get closer and try Dapur Kue, simply just now.

Arpegio WooCommerce Themes is our special themes for your music online store. Sell, promote and play your musics to every corner of the world! Upload your preview of albums or single songs and let anyone hear it up. It supports MP3 format to upload. And more, you’ll get a new-fresh icon in this themes. A unique product pages display (with picture of CD case) and also fresh icon of blog index (picture of a compact-disc) will be one of our great and fresh features serve to you.

Feel and taste the musics in your themes now with Arpegio.

WooCommerce is now steal your attention for sure. Don’t let your time waste, people! Try our firstly Duo WooCommerce Themes now, and have them all in your hand. ;)