Coming Soon: TokoBuku With WPEC Plugin

Actually, Bookoo is not our first WordPress ecommerce themes dedicated for book-publishing industry. If you examine our portfolio, you will find that it is TokoBuku who happened to be the first. Unlike Bookoo, the former TokoBuku uses Shopify e-commerce plugin.

Day by day, we receive increasing question and demand from customers for us to re-release TokoBuku using GetShopped WordPress E-commerce Plugin. Are you one of them? Well, yes, we heard you. To answer your question and fulfill your demand, we will re-release TokoBuku by the end of this month!

This time, TokoBuku theme will be using WordPress E-commerce plugin.

Remember (Former) TokoBuku?

tokobuku homepage

TokoBuku is an ecommerce theme to lift your business into the next level and it will also perfectly match your business and any kind of webstores you own. This theme is a ‘book store’-alike inside, espescially the illustration and demo for visualization.

TokoBuku has clean, clear, and minimalist design taste that will smoothly run your store without have to load a bunch of images that you don’t actually need. So, your store will load in a second (not a minute) and your customers would be very happy while they browse any item on your store.

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