7 Most Common Ecommerce Problems

Ecommerce Isn’t Everything

Ecommerce is not an efficacious remedy for your business. Yes, it is important and can help to expand your geographical customer reach, blah blah blah. But you can’t just set up an online stores, pour your products and services into it, and wait for good things fall down from the sky. Just like another form of business, ecommerce has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The most common ecommerce problems are usually the unrecognized ones. They seem to be just the little disruption at first, yet they are crucial. Never ignore them, because they may mightily influence your sales amount for the upcoming period.

So, have you set your online stores free from these most common ecommerce problems? You know, just in case.

Payment Issues

The basic law for payment is keep it as simple as possible. Customers have spend quite amount of time to judge your online store reliability, your products/services worthiness, etc. If they still have to go through a confusing, long checkout process, what will guarantee if your customers don’t go somewhere else? And by ‘somewhere else’, it means your competitors.


  1. Provide clear buying instructions on home page or simply place a shopping cart icon on the most spotted area on most accessed pages. Otherwise, a brief video tutorial assisting online visitors in the buying process will also help.
  2. Provide several payment gateways. If I may add, this is also my own experience as online buyer. In the end, it is not pagerank and monthly view numbers that count. All that matter for you is how much visitors that end up paying for your products/services. Don’t fail them because you support only single payment gateways.
  3. What is your current payment confirmation email looks like? If you have always sent payment confirmation email, it’s good for you. But, an “Congratulation, your purchase has been made!” email is not enough. Whatever you are selling, provide sufficient information and details on what customers are buying or what they can expect to receive later. This is a simple but important ecommerce rule to avoid them think of you as a scammer. It is the only way to make them understand what they get for their money.

Securities Issues

Security is the most common ecommerce issue, like, ever. Due to increasing number of scam, fraud, and hacked websites which result to hacked customers’ credential information out there, I will not doubt that. So, how to ensure visitors that your online store is safe from all those threats?


  1. Provide clear Terms&Conditions. Make sure the Terms&Conditions cover sensitive areas like privacy, license (if you are selling intangible products), warranty, price changes, and return policies. No one prefers bad surprise in the future, such as buying defective goods they can’t return.
  2. Fancy web design is something, but don’t sacrifice professionality. Make a good first impression. Always bear in mind that you are trying to get people trust their money to someone they have never meet in person. And what does professional web design mean? This includes designing for accessibility and especially ensuring that your website adjusts well on mobile devices.
  3. Display trusted third-party logo, certification, and affiliations (if there’s any). For instance, researches show that customers prefer to trust ecommerce site that put Visa, Mastercards, and other reputable cards logo on their home page.
  4. Offer contact options and alternatives. Show customers that you are reachable and always available for them. Contact options can vary from mobile phone, chat, to email. You can adjust this based on your capacity.
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