Online Stores: Don’t Just Dream, Build One (Part II)

…before you continue, please first read the Online Stores: Don’t Just Dream, Build One (Part I)”.

Their features include a personal app storeSSL securityunlimited server bandwidth, a custom mobile template and a whole lot more. Shopify is preferable if you have some standard knowledge of HTML and are looking for a fully-accountable staff to back up your new launch

#5 Online Payment Method

Everyone must’ve ever heard about PayPal. It is absolutely the leader in online payment service business. Lots of infamous ecommerce websites (e.g. eBay, Amazon, etc) have been using it for years.

Have many issues with PayPal? Then, you may interested in runner-up service providers who work just as well as PayPal but haven’t attracted enough attention, like Google Checkout. It offers very secure and speedy transaction process. Besides, it is definitely integrated with all Google accounts.

Both PayPal and Google Checkout support solutions for invoicing, though.

#6 It’s All About Traffic!

Google Analytics

All that softwares, ebooks, and blogposts related to the Search Engine Optimization technique actually end in the same point: to generate more traffic and earn more revenue. But how do we know if our online store traffic is increasing or decreasing? Thanks to many analytics service providers out there. I recommend Google Analytics, because it is free yet still come in incredible features like letting you know your most trafficked pages and biggest referring websites. Just like Google Checkout, it is also integrated with all Google accounts

#7 Pick A WordPress Ecommerce Theme

Now that you’ve set up some online store functionalities, it is the time to worry about the appearance. For you that use WordPress free hosting service, feel free to visit Tokokoo Themes Gallery. We have 10+ free and premium WordPress ecommerce themes with unique industry segmentation for each theme, e.g. music, book publishing, furniture, retail, electronics, and apparel industry. But if you look a little closer into Tokokoo Features, you’ll find that our themes are applicable for all industry in general.

Let’s Start!

start build an online store

START - Image by jakeandlindsay

You have the guts, theory, plans, and also a website to start. So, what are you waiting for? Spare some hours and get your online stores known.

Credits: Image by mxtruck