Mind Checking Out New Looks of WPCharity and WPNest?

This week, we have two theme providers , which belong to Tokokoo Network, being redesigned. They are WPCharity and WPNest. How far do the redesign jobs get them? Check this out.

WPCharity’s New Face

WPCharity is redesigned using their own WordPress child themes, The Japan Tsunami Twenty Ten. If you want to use the theme but not sure enough of how your website will look afterward, WPCharity is practically the live demo site for Japan Tsunami Twenty Ten WP Child Theme now, so you can remove any hesitation and purchase the theme. This theme will only cost you $4.99 while you’ll also help save the world since 25% of your each purchase is directly donated for social aim.

Why do WPCharity choose Japan Tsunami among many of their themes? Because Japan Tsunami, except the victims and the damage it caused, is inspiring. Japan is definitely one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world, but they are also the leading country in the field of disaster management.

If we take all the critics relate to its current economic performance aside, there are a lot of things to learn from Japan. That’s what had inspired WPCharity to make this Japan Tsunami Twenty Ten WP Child Theme . A few days ago, it inspired WPCharity once again that finally the site is redesigned using this theme.

The WPNest Transformation

Unlike WPCharity, WPNest is redesigned using Tokokoo themes. Any guess what it is? Yes, it is our Parquet premium WordPress ecommerce theme.

If you read Parquet theme description, probably you’ll ask, “The theme description says that Parquet is mainly designed for furniture and home products online stores. But WPNest is a genesis child theme provider, then why do they use this theme? What about the functionality?”

There is a clear difference between segmentation and functionality. A theme with good functionality will remain the same useful even though it is used in different segmentation (industry) from what it is originally meant to be.

Assumed you haven’t heard about Parquet before, you didn’t expect that this theme originally intended for furniture online stores when you saw the transformed WPNest for the first time, did you? :)