WordPress eCommerce Related App: The Pinky Not Piggy

Introduce Piggy, a recommended web-app for your WordPress e-commerce website. Piggy is a web-app that provides mobile access to view sales data for your WordPress e-commerce powered WordPress website. It works on iOS and Android mobile phone. Piggy also integrates smoothly with your WordPress and WordPress e-commerce admin panel.


Piggy claims that the initial setup will only take 5 minutes of your time. The layout is efficient and it’s able to breakdown your website total sales and averages into different time periods (today, weekly, monthly, and more).

Piggy is built using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. What we do consider as star feature is the educated sales projections, again, for many different time periods. What is educated? It means the app adds recent sales data to update the sales projection. Piggy will automatically check for new data at intervals. There is also chart icons which tell you when projections are greater or less than previous sales for each time period. Really practical and useful.

Piggy also supports live, instant Push Notifications to your iPhone or iPod touch via popular push apps like Prowl and Howl. And there’s no limit to the number of iOS devices you can configure to receive push notifications.
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