Free WordPress E-Commerce 3.8 Theme: Bangkoo Furniture Online Store

After long quite weekend, we’ve been worked as hard as a team in Tokokoo. What we do in here? Sure you must be interesting with this one. But let we asked you in a first time, have you ever try WordPress E-Commerce 3.8? It’s a good news, that GetShopped Team are getting released WP e-Commerce RC3 3 days ago! Sound’s nice isn’t it? We bet, it is.

So we create this theme from Tokokoo as a special one for you Tokokoo users around the world. As you know recently we’ve been worked our best to give you special service, and we work on this theme only 4 days, quite fast for the best and valueable service from us.

Bangkoo free wordpress ecommerce themes

Let’s take a look what features we’ve been included on this theme, so you can review it by yourself for implementation this theme on your store

Features Bangkoo Free WordPress E-Commerce 3.8 Theme

  1. One click install, this feature makes you setup store easily.
  2. Slider, this one is our favorite, you can features your product items.
  3. Featured image, create image just for your product teaser, and show them.
  4. WPEC 3.8 integrate, it’s funny if we’re not bundle with this one.
  5. Cool and flexible design, will make your store stand-out than the other stores.
  6. WP3 menu with two spot on the header and footer, Custom menu from WP 3 feature.
  7. Header integration
  8. Two widget areas on the sidebar and footer, setup widget won’t go hardly with this theme
  9. Blog integration, have you create news for your store? It was easy to update!

Wow, there’s a lot of features you should try with this theme. No more talk from us, just try this theme. If you find any damage or maybe some bugs, just tell and report to us. Our team support will get this error fixed immediately. Why? Because we need to hear you, we input from your experience with our theme. Thanks people, and absolutely thanks to team

Demo Bangkoo Free WordPress ecommerce themes

download Bangkoo Free WordPress ecommerce themes

  • Tony

    I uploaded it and it shows fatal error. I uploaded it via host file manager in cPanel not via wordpress.

    • admin

      Hi Tony i just updated, the error because you not install the WPEC 3.8. after install everything will be working. but we just updated if you not install WPEC the theme will be working like Blog theme

  • Omar

    Sorry, i think there is a bug in the checkout page, i v been
    navigating thought the site via Opera and the checkout form shows up down in the bottom of the page with an empty space at the top.
    I think you may want to now that, and is a pitty because the site itself is very funtional and looks great, actually i would like to have it.

    • admin

      Hi Omar,
      we just fixed it, please download again the theme :) thanks

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  • seoservices

    wow its great, i am new to wordpress but you excited me.

    keep it up


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  • Ana

    Wow! will try it out next week for a new project. Will let you know how it goes…

    Thanks so much for this.

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  • jimmy

    hi, how do i get the featured products and slider as shown in the demo??

  • Klauz

    intresting theme, but for free version it´s necessary some documentation to get the free functionality like demo version.
    mabye a readmefirst file with the install instructions, not only wp and theme. its necesarry know what plugins do we need like WPEC 3.8, and if its posible a sample-data.xml like others web developers do with his wp themes or some documentation to know how to add categories and products or configurations of the plugins and widgets.
    so far, the demo version rooks congratulations!!!, but i´ll try to understand the functionality of the theme with no sucess.


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  • JO

    How we got the xml files because inside the archive they got nothing?

    • admin

      you can download again, i forgot to input .xml file :)

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  • Klauz

    Nice try with sample-data.xml, but free version looks like a simple blog with e-commerce plugin installed.

  • linggen

    I ve tried to upload this theme( bangkoo furniture on line store) but never succed, is this really free or paid….?

  • Settingweb

    Hi, I have installed wp ecommerce 3.8.3 plugin and then i try to install bangkoo themes, but I have this warning:
    Warning: fopenC/web/htdocs/ [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /web/ on line 4284
    Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /web/htdocs/ on line 4287
    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in hveh/htdocs/www.settingweLit/home/shopping/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4290

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  • Aci Sari

    Wah, keren banget mas. Tapi bingung makenya gimana. Sy dah coba add product kok gambarnya gak bisa dizoom ya? Ada panduan step-by-step nya gak mas? :D Beg beg…

    Makashi mas, good work..

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  • leumang

    Hi admin
    I download your theme and setup it to wordpress 3.1.3 but it not OK . The file is “Zip” . but when i setup it show error like : “Can not moved uploaded file to http://balalala.ocm/balala/uploads” (I set My blog folder and sub are CMOD 777)
    Plz help me .

  • dijual

    mantaf wp store nya boz, izin sedottttttttt

  • Leni

    Keren banget, mas! I’ll try it :D

  • Irene

    I got error after installing :( Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/photoasia/domains/ on line 99

    Why is this happening? What is wrong?

  • Irene

    By the way, it happens in the Edit product page. Please help, sigh… urgent.

  • Irene

    Sigh… I don’t know what happen. I add in my content in there and now the slideshow on the header only shows the products. I don’t want it to show the products, I want it to show post or page like the original. Also strangely, even the product is shown, the bigger picture becomes smaller than the actual size in the demo. I tried to make a clean install again but never work like the first time anymore. Can’t even revert back to the original. I’m really in serious trouble now.

  • Irene

    Sorry if I sound so desperate and confusing. I just realized in the demo page it’s displaying the Featured product instead of the Page or Post. Then again, I don’t know why suddenly the image in the header become smaller size than it should be. In the beginning of installation before adding more information in, it was display all right. Anyway, it’s a nice theme but too bad the free one is giving me so much problem that I am now thinking twice whether I should get the premium version sigh…

  • bonnsaikitty

    ga nyangka orang indonesia yang buat theme ini, keren deh ! salut buat seluruh tim nya.. ;) aku kirain si bule-bule yang buat, hehe… btw pak admin menyediakan jasa web developper harga bersahabat ga yah ? makasih… ^____^

    • admin

      thanks mas/mba :)
      kita dari bandung, salam kenal
      kalau template kami sih murah2 kok, tp kalo minta custom jasa web dev sepertinya kemahalan untuk orang indonesia :P

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  • chubbycafe

    Thanks for sharing buddy!

  • Arso

    its look indonesian furniture taste :D
    anyway thanks for this great theme ….

  • josh

    i love this theme!!!! great work!!!!

    I just had a quick question. Everything seems to be working fine except my category images at the bottum are not displaying. Can you please help me with that.

  • nuga

    lha demonya aja gambarnya entek, piye tho?

    • admin

      iyah belum kita pindahin datanya

  • Roel

    Mau nyedot juga yaahhh Bang Admin , muakazih buangeettttt …. Tuhan yang membalas atas semuanya
    Salam sukses selalu

  • Rent Car Jakarta Tour

    Keren banget mas, gratisan pula :p
    Btw, kapan nih ngeluarin web untuk tour & travel, ditunggu yah..

  • Rachna Ranjan – This is the link to my product page. It doesnt look good. Can you suggest something. Thanks.

  • Sony

    Pagi Bang Admin,

    saya mau tanya untuk bantuan pembuatan online store untuk toko bangunan, harga berapa? terima kasih. tolong di email. karena kita emang ada rencana launching. terima kasih

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  • Taimoor

    Thank you! :)

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  • Muhamad Perdiyansyah

    ini gmn cara download nya ? Klik Tombol Enjoy It -> Member Area -> SignUp For Download. Tapi gax ke download & gax ada notifikasi email juga. gmn yah ? bisa tolong bantuannya ? :D

    Terima kasih