TokoBuku Shopify Theme Finally Has Launched

Today we are very happy to announce about our theme named TokoBuku, that has finally released for you all over the world. This one is not WordPress based like we have previously. This works on Shopify Theme that is very suitable for your online business, and this theme has clear and minimalist design taste. Why this theme has named as TokoBuku? In Indonesia, that means: A store that sell books from many publisher out there. And now this theme has been ready to sell your book items and serve your book consumers in a modern way, via internet.

It must have a ‘book’ phrase for this theme, why? Because we have a ton of request to creating some theme for online store that specifically can selling book. Fortunately we create this one for Shopify theme lovers!

tokobuku shopify themes

In our previous blog post it’s been explained that TokoBuku has clean, clear and minimalist design taste. That means, your store will runnning smoothly without load a bunch of images that you don’t needed actually and your store will load in a second (not a minute) and then, your customers would be very happy while their browse any items on your store, that’s important things huh? Yes, absolutely. A simple and clear navigation will make your customers feeling ‘so easy’ going around your store. Excited? Let’s see

TokoBuku Shopify Theme Features :

  1. Shopify Integration
  2. 5 SlideShow items. so you can promote by advertise your book with a huge banner/image to your visitors, not just your customers.
  3. Featured product, you can select what books do you want to be featured items and this one could be hide from shopify administration. Also, you could make featured product items to be included in SlideShow.
  4. Grid based layout, you can switch your product items into grid (view) based on row or columns.
  5. Multiple product images, users can include many product images and then using lightbox to show them all.
  6. Horizontal sub-menu layout, the result will filter the items based on selected sub-category (eg: all items, idea, newbie, xhtml)
  7. Badge sale, when you creating sale/discount by using this theme, the badge will showing up on the frontpage to announce the visitors.
  8. 4-column on the footer, could be filled with anything you want
  9. Keep in touch update, so you can edit hyperlink from admin backend
  10. Footer icon, you can using or just delete credit card icon on the footer
  11. Logo customizing

With simple, clear and minimalist design taste, it feels like tumblr, but it’s not, it’s your store!

buy TokoBuku Shopify Theme

Demo TokoBuku Shopify Theme

Excited? We bet you will. TokoBuku Shopify Theme with simple design will make your online book store look at its best instead and as it purpose. Just register to Shopify start from $29/monthly and you can use our theme!

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  • Johanna

    The link to download the free version doesn’t work!

    • admin

      tokobuku is premium shopify theme, it’s not have free version

  • sm

    kl mau make versi free nya dulu gmn donlut theme nya ya? kl cocok mungkin nanti mau beli versi premium nya. trims

    • admin

      maaf gak ada versi freenya kalau shopify

  • ia

    i need free version. great themplate

  • Made Raka

    mas, kalau beli theme toko buku, dapet gratis theme lagi ga? :)

    • admin

      iyah dapat 1 theme lagi kok, nah masalahnya tokobuku itu bukan WordPress lowh
      ini menggunakan engine

  • Darto KLoning

    1. Apakah support untuk preview di mobile device misal di iPhone, Android, Blackberry n lainnya ?
    2. Ada settingan gateways menggunakan transfer bank ?
    3. Shipping bisa menggunakan area based, misal tuk TIKI ?

    • admin

      1. sampai saat ini belum ada mobile previewnya.
      2. gatewaynya kalau menggunakan transfer bank menggunakan manual Payment, so mereka bisa liat bank yg available
      3. shipping gak bisa buat lokal Indonesia. tidak ada TIKI
      mau tanya lebih lanjut bisa lewat

  • mbak.velya

    aku bingung,

    fitur beli satu dapat dua itu
    daftar pasangannya yang mana ya?
    — free+premium
    atau premium+premim? :p

    maaf gatex

  • mbak.velya

    oh ya satu lagi,
    harganya gak boleh kurang tuh?
    xi xi xi….”saving mode-on”

    maaf gatex

    • admin

      maaf belum boleh kurang mbak velya yang cantik :)
      karena kita mau juga dihargai biar lebih maju di dunia globalnya :D

  • mbak.velya

    “nah masalahnya tokobuku itu bukan WordPress lowh
    ini menggunakan engine”

    konsekuensinya apa mas?
    mohon diberi penjelasan sejelas-jelasnya
    sebab kita tertarik tuh dng theme ini!

    maaf gatex

    • admin

      Jadi Shopify itu harus daftar dulu kesini disana mba velya bisa pilih sesuai budget kebutuhan jualannya. harga yg dikenakan shopify adalah monthly. so, hal ini pastinya akan memberatkan mba.
      kalau sudah daftar, lalu bisa menggunkan theme tokobuku saya dgn membelinya juga tentunya :)
      jadi coznya yg dikeluarkan lebih banyak ketimbang membeli WordPress Theme.

      kalau WordPress, mba hanya membeli punya saya 1 kali saja. lalu mba membeli hosting dgn dan domain untuk 1 thn dgn harga 1 bulan di shopify :)
      so, mau yang mana :)

  • kaushal

    thanks this is great theme thanks again