Online Store Owner: Don’t Get Slippery on Your Delivery

One of the challenges for E-commerce website is delivering order on time. It was a very different way of selling when compared with traditional shopping. So how do we avoid mistakes on it?

When you sell physical items need to be shipped away, and then you will need some extra charges for shipping costs. Also you may need to arrange order-tracking for your delivery.

Don’t Get Slippery on Your Delivery

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Selling online means your customers could be from any country around the worlds. To avoid disappoint customers, you may tell them in the first place if you only deliver your products only for certain country or group of countries.

To attract more customers, usually online stores offers free shipping for purchase on certain prices. There are also choices for shipping in different carriers, for example by regular post or by priority courier. These types of things should be including for online store owner.

How About Digital Products?

Don’t Get Slippery on Your Delivery

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Don’t underestimate delivery on digital products for online store. It may seem much easier, but it was really not that simple.

Nowadays online store are possible to sell digital items, such as e-book, music or software download. The challenge is, because they are delivered online so customers expected to get it quickly after they have pay.

Typically, after customers pay and then delivery takes the form of a page or link on their profile so it can be downloaded. You can also complete it with license code.

So, online store merch

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ants should have their system able to secure products before they get downloaded by customers. Also, provide account and email link which download can be done. One more thing, especially for online store who sell software, you might need a product code.

Getting the Report Done

Online stores need a program will help them easily receive and process orders from customers. You may also consider making special mark items are already shipped or on processed. Make sure your data on customers form required them to fill out their address as complete as possible.

There are also possibilities to have a mail-merge of data to import to offline system on your E-commerce websites. It is something you have to discuss with your web developer.

As a hint, you can answer these questions. Do you want the system linked to any other systems or maybe offline systems, such as accounting systems?  Do you need the website generate invoices or you will rather organize it offline? And, there are a lot of possibilities to make your delivery processed easier for you and customers.

Don’t Get Slippery on Your Delivery

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You may have to think to prepare offline staff that will receive calls about confirmation, delays or trouble in product delivery, beside email or instant messenger that customers usually comfort with.

Learning from successful store owners, usually they will automate their accounting processes in order to avoid any duplicating data on year-end calculation. Their solution is having an API on accounting systems which allow them to send transactions automatically from the store to the accounting package.

Remember, this is one of the reasons whether your customers will be loyal on your store or not. Their satisfaction on delivery is very crucial. So, a little sweat on it will be getting a prize eventually.

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