WP-e-Commerce Documentation Map

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Documentation is the perfect place to start if you wanna know all about WP-e-Commerce, the shopping cart we use in our WordPress e-commerce themes. Getshopped has written it all nicely under the resources section of its site. Here’s a map of the documentation so you can find any information you need to open and manage your own online store easily.

Build the… Halt!

If you’re familiar with WordPress and WP-e-Commerce, a QUICK START is recommended for you. It’s a brief glance upon how to install and configure WP-e-Commerce.

However, if this is your first time opening an online store, THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND is a must-read. Also, there are questions you need to ask to yourself: Have you chosen a payment gateway? Do you have sufficient information for each product? Preparing these things ahead so you can build your online store effectively, and thank goodness Getshopped has prepared the OFFICIAL WPeC CHECKLIST to remind you.

Okay, Build the Store

First thing first. Install and activate WordPress from WordPress.org. Then INSTALL AND ACTIVATE WP-E-COMMERCE. Pick one of OUR THEMESso you have a really beautiful and easier to manage online store.

Once in a while you need to upgrade your online stores due to 2 main reasons: (1) your life would be more peaceful without any bug, both real and virtual; (2) new version of the plugin might come with new features. Similar to installation, you need to keep up with 3 kinds of upgrade: the WordPress itself, our theme and WP-e-Commerce. Subscribe to our RSS FEEDS so you don’t miss any WordPress and theme upgrade news, and make sure you understand HOW TO UPGRADE WP-E-COMMERCE.

Arrange the Shelves

Conversion rate would be higher if your visitors can browse your PRODUCTS easily. So make sure you arrange them into proper CATEGORIES. You might even need to classify them further based on VARIATIONS of each product/service.

Spread the Words

Your business is a newcomer in the jungle, so create a louder buzz to tell the world that your online store exists. Yes, it’s called MARKETING.

And here are good reads regarding online store marketing:
How to Generate Coupons and Discounts
How to Enable Cross Sales
How to Activate ‘Share This’ Plugin

Record All Transactions

A good business means a good transaction recording. It helps you analyze what has happened and which next steps to take to grow your business. Fortunately for you, WP-e-Commerce comes with a SALES page where you can view all recorded transactions on your online store.

Configure the Store

The frontend part of your online store is the one attracting visitors to your online store, but the backend is where you stir all ingredients. So make sure you know how to configure all settings:
- General
- Presentation
- Admin
- Shipping
- Payment Options
- Import
- Checkout

Beautify the Store

After building, launching and marketing your online store, the next thing to do would be beautifying your store.

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You can browse our lovely WordPress e-commerce themes, but in case you want to design it on your own, check WP-E-COMMERCE THEMES to understand its anatomy, also SHORTCODES and TEMPLATE TAGS to understand how these stuff could be a real deal for your frontend.

You can also tweak the CSS to give your online store a unique look. Oh, and have fun with WIDGETS.

More Resources

If you want to get further assistance regarding WP-e-Commerce, you can always send inquiries to Getshopped customer support. Mind you to check the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS first. Or just go to the FORUM; many angels will help you there.

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